pearlfisher offices

Getting Creative In Soho: A Look Inside Pearlfisher

A big part of working in any creative environment is the opportunity to being in a space that allows you room to breathe. When thinking of office space in New York, one thinks of the perfect corner office Don Draper would have with majestic views of Mid-Manhattan, or the tiniest space in the world in a basement somewhere in Chinatown. Of course these are all fictitious ways of thinking, especially when you encounter an office space like that Pearlfisher are lucky to call home on Broadway, just off Canal Street. This is what it looks like.

Now the image above may not look at all like an office, but this really is what Pearlfisher’s US offices look like. The large ball pit was a huge viral success last year for their London offices (you may have read about it in Vice) and has made it way over the Atlantic this year. The idea behind putting what would be considered a huge distraction like this in an adult environment is to encourage a playfulness with how someone can work. The process behind this is that a person who enjoys their workspace will be much more creative and this is something of a necessity when your job is all about getting creative with very popular brands and their products.

ben&jerrys packaging

The company is responsible for creating the look and feel of brands we use everyday: from Budweiser and Starbucks to Wolfgang Puck and Ben & Jerrys. A big part of their work involves redesigned famous brands to make them feel more accessible to the public. Ask anyone on the street to think of of a way to make a beer can look like something you want to hold and you’ll be hard pressed to find an answer. That’s the kind of day to day mental challenges those working in a New York Design Agency have to think about and having large spaces that can act as a canvas of sorts some in handy,

pearlfisher new yorkAn office like the one we can see here are great spaces to help forms creative ideas in. No clutter, high exposed ceilings to make as much use of the space as possible and white walls to help reflect the natural light bouncing off the floor all add up to distinguish the “stuffy” feeling a traditional office space can provide.

pearlfisher kitchen

The staff kitchen is another such example of this non-traditional feeling in work. It isn’t trying to be an abstractly designed space like you find in many modern office kitchens, but feels like the kitchen in someone’s apartment. It’s familial and welcoming in a way that there’s no shame in spending some time here and having a beer at 4pm on a Friday.

pearlfisher nyc roof

The office also does one thing many down-town office in the Manhattan often neglect: the roof. Being able to take a breather for five minutes and get some air shouldn’t involve going out on to Canal St. You should be able to think creatively with some air and an unbeatable view and that’s exactly what you get here.

What do you think of the Pearlfisher office? Would you take a dive in the ball pit? Or do you prefer to stay behind a desk all day to stay focussed?