Best Places to Work in New York City

It’s no secret that New York City, on the East Coast, is one of the best places for career opportunities in the country. Being home to corporate giants in finance, law, technology, and much more, almost anyone with a good head on their shoulders can find a place for themselves in the Big Apple.

A few notable company names which are based in New York include; HBO, American Express, Avon, Barnes and Noble, and Morgan Stanley. These are just the tip of the iceberg, however, as there are literally hundreds of well-established and well-known companies who hire talent in New York. We’re going to cover some of the best places to work in New York City.

The Financial Services Sector

qfjivnonvNew York City is a colossus of financial services in the USA, bolstering a strong economic growth for the country. It is thought that these kinds of services account for 15% of the total economy which is a staggeringly high number. With that in mind, be sure there’s plenty of work out there for someone who knows what they are doing in finance-related roles.

Companies and organisations in this sector that are worth considering a career in are vast. Be sure to look into employers like American Express, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, and EquityZen. These are some of the big-hitters in New York who are known for allowing those with the right skills and knowledge to build a strong resume that will set them up for success in the financial sector.

Law Firms & Legal Services

oinmjiopubyUpcoming lawyers, attorneys, litigators, and paralegals can find a professional home for themselves in the city of New York. A number of well-known law firms can be scouted out in NYC and because the city has such as strong finance background, many of these firms are that way inclined. Goodwin, for example, specialises in private equity services in the East Coast. If you’re a recent graduate who has passed the BAR, New York City may be the ideal place to begin building a solid career in financial legal services.

Despite finance being New York’s strong suit, attorneys specialising in all manner of law and legal matters can make a good living in the city. One area of law that is particularly prevalent is those concerning immigration and human trafficking issues. As New York has historically been a port for immigrants arriving into the United States, there are legal aspects that exist here to a higher degree than other comparable cities. This may not sound so positive overall in regards to the city itself, however, this presents plenty of opportunity for those in the field of law and even law enforcement.

Construction & Engineering

uionouyvNew York is a large, complex, and well-developed metropolis featuring multiple wonders of structural design and historic relevance. Someone has to be responsible for the continuing upkeep of the buildings and structures that make the city stand out in the world – this means there is plenty of opportunity to become part of the workforce that carry out this important service. From the well-trodden roads and sidewalks in the city centre to well-known structures requiring constant maintenance, such as The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, there is always something to be done within the construction sector.

Construction firms such as Kohn Pederson Fox, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and Perkins Eastman are largely responsible for the upkeep of these structures and the creation of new ones that are being developed every single day. If you have experience in some capacity within the construction industry, New York City is always looking for hardworking construction workers and managers.

Working in New York City

We hope this quick glance at some of the most rewarding places to work in New York City has given you some more ideas of how you could be starting a whole new career and life in The Big Apple.