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Don’t get lost in NYC!

If you’re not a resident of NYC, you will inevitably have a hard time trying to find your way around. So what cna you do to make sure you don’t end up alone in the Big Apple? Use some of these resources!

Get familiar with this holy grail before you visit. Most locals use the stops as waypoints for where to meet each other. Learning the lines a little bit also helps to figure out how the city works.

Unless you really need to be in Times Square, avoid it. The only time you should be there is to visit the TKTS office. It’s a discount office that sells Broadway tickets for a great reduced price. It’s what the locals use and what you should too.

If you’re travelling as part of a group and end up getting lost all of a sudden use this app. It links up you and your friends within a 2000m range to find each other and stay in touch. So if you’re walking down 6th and get lost all of sudden, don’t start panicking. Casually take your phone out and message your friends via this app.

There’s an old adage that a tourist can be spotted a mile away because they look up when walking around New York. The only time you can get away with is is when you’re completely lost. The Empire State building is located between 33rd and 34th street. Remember that. Being able to simply know which direction your facing when you can see the building will help navigate you around much better.

A very simple rule to remember. Avenues run north to south, street east to west. So if you find yourself lost on 123rd and 4th and you need to get 123rd and 5th you know it’s only a block away.

Hope these very simple tips help you from getting lost in NYC.