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Art Loft Overlooking Central Park

Having an apartment with a view of Central Park can cost a lot of money. But when your home has an art collection worth millions of dollars, the asking price is more than anywhere else on the block.

This apartment looks so wonderful that you’d most likely be afraid to touch anything for freak of breaking something expensive. There isn’t an adherent theme across the apartment. The buildings is only a century old but certain aspects of the décor, from the fireplace to the columns, harken back to design styles a few hundred years old.

Adjoining the main lounge is probably the most vivid private library you’ll ever come across. Vivid lipstick red is plastered all over the walls and units, with a bright leather couch. It’s hard to imagine someone not being distracted while trying to read.

Where the artwork does its role best is in the hallways. Moving from one room to another is an excuse to stop and stare at some great pieces of art. You might be hard pressed though when you get a view of the city as stunning as what the balcony offers.

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